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Entering the Blog Sphere

I seem to spend so much time writing things it seems to be amazing that I’ve not got around to rambling on the internet until now. I guess I’ve always thought I’ve had nothing to say of any interest but then that probably puts me slam in the middle of most bloggers so I’ll try and at least find some point of difference. So brief intro.
Married. No kids (not our choice). Practicing Christian so let’s get that out of the way first, at least it is not as bad as working for a Billion dollar American multinational! Oh, hang on, that is me too. It’s OK. That’s a subject I wouldn’t touch anyway at least not directly. Scientist by history, but increasingly arts and creative writing leaning and that’s probably where I will wander off too, might even post stuff if I have the courage.
Also will probably warble on annoyingly about training for the London Marathon despite promising myself back in 2002 I’d never do it again. Just goes to show you, people should never, ever, say things like “I’m never going to (Insert thing that despite your insistence you will find yourself doing)”. The universe just loves that kind of dare, and you’ll lose. Anyway, so I’m going to half kill myself again because I have been gently suckered by someone at my church into running for Mission Without Borders. In reality it did not take much persuading as I’ve seen the work they do with families and children in poverty in Eastern Europe and it makes my heart burst. So April 21st is going to be more of a tumult than expected a few months ago. It might be better if my love wife was not quite so enthusiastic on getting me a training schedule which has uncomfortably long looking training runs listed.
Still started off well enough and was feeling the benefit (and getting through a lot of podcasts – Kermode & Mayo, Radcliffe & Maconie mostly, can’t get enough bickering and luncacy, and I guess “Hello to Jason Isaacs”) before the damn Brussels virus (well, I contracted it in Brussels and it’s a virus so that seems good enough for me) knocked me over for a week. So crawling back onto schedule, better now than closer to the day!


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